What's the best programming language? I definitely have my favorite, but I'll (reluctantly) acknowledge it's an opinion. There's no right answer - it depends on what you're trying to do. JavaScript, Python, and Go are three languages specifically called out in the recent ZDNet article as being the most used, studied, and desired. There's a reason for that - they're great choices for modern development teams pursuing cloud-native apps, microservices, and containerized deployments.

It's easy to get carried away thinking DevOps and microservices will solve all our development and operational woes. There are countless benefits, but they can exacerbate problems too. A common question I ask when working with a new team on a segmentation project is "How many workloads are in your environment?" That's never been easy to answer. Today, that answer could change drastically just based on the time of day.

As your team looks into adopting these new technologies, make sure to keep in mind the important questions that are often overlooked: How are we going to keep track of what we have? What service depends on what other services? What's running now? What's protected?