It is evident from the  2019 Thales Data Threat Report – Healthcare Edition the healthcare industry is at the highest risk for data and cybersecurity breaches out of any economic sector in the country.

The report found that 70 percent of 100 total healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach. A third of the organizations surveyed reported a breach in the last year alone. This is the greatest rate of any industry studied by Thales in conjunction with research and analysis firm IDC. In addition, 80% of healthcare organizations place sensitive data in the cloud. The report underscores the importance of putting new security strategies in place as healthcare data is highly targeted because of the value it has for cybercriminals.

Losing healthcare data is more damaging than other kinds of data that can be accessed and exploited. A credit card can be canceled or a bank account can be closed, but private patient data circulates endlessly which opens opportunities for various types of fraud to occur again and again from a single breach. Data security is increasingly complex, particularly for healthcare organizations immersed in the cloud and digital transformation initiatives. Organizations should invest in technologies that automate encrypting all healthcare data that traverse public networks between data centers or to the cloud. 

Here is a good read about how Illumio helps healthcare organizations achieve compliance and encrypt data that moves between data centers or into the cloud.