This post by Mircea Ulinic is a great piece of advice and summary of the arguments brought up against network automation. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty among us network and security folks, as our world is shaking a bit and the industry wants to move us to more automation.

Actually it probably is not the industry, but a combination of more machines and workloads and the same amount of people having to deal with all the stuff in your compute infrastructures and application teams that move at the speed of light, well at least they say they do and they deploy much faster than they did 10 years ago.

The smartest networkers always automated or at least tried, good admins are lazy they say. Mircea makes a great point when saying that you should start to automate with the most painful thing you are dealing with that causes most issues. This will alleviate pain, but also win the team over and i could not agree more.

Don't be afraid of automation!