Measuring success in milliseconds is astonishing, but the thought of measuring success in microseconds is overwhelming to say the least.

I wasn’t even sure what a microsecond was until reading this article. With organizations able to leverage the power of microservices and compute at scale this kind of service delivery opens endless avenues of possibility to gain that competitive edge. What I found really interesting is the observation that that microservice application delivery breaks complicated problems into easy to solve ones.

But often when we add simplicity, under the hood we can actually see additional complexities begin to emerge. Applications are easier to build and maintain, we improve speed, scale, flexibility and we can organize around business process. The point to highlight however is, how does security impact and support this?

What my customers and partners tell me is with next generation application delivery, we need a next generation approach to supporting these business goals. Security is an enabler to these initiatives, and can add significantly to the success. But only when adopting a new approach! A Paradigm Shift and innovation to how we deliver security.  

To be successful organizations need to shift to using three simple steps.

  • No more policy tied to IP! This is measured in weeks and months, not seconds and minutes. 
  • We need a Map! Lack of application visibility, manual ‘guess work’ for policy creation, human error will not play into the hands of our mission. Build, test and enforce! 
  • An inability to model and test policy before enforcing can and often will break and application leading to significant downtime.

De-coupling security segmentation from network architecture will allow for fine grained segmentation which is faster, cheaper, easier and safer.