I read the below article because a governance and risk officer of a big bank shared it on LinkedIn and it was a very interesting read. First and foremost, the message for me as a customer of several banks is that it maintains and extends trust in the system that moves and holds our money. Secondly of course because i also see a lot of room for improvement in that area and see it as a great way to reduce risk for customers and the bank itself.

The article highlights findings in cyber security and IT risk and it addresses some of the things that fall of the table too often.

The regulators react by tightening the screws and carrying out more audits, so this will be a area of focus for the next on-site inspections that will be carried out.

As a networking and security person i would embrace this and see it as a acknowledgement of how important IT and IT security have become for financial institutions as a way to maintain and extend trust, one of the fundamentals of these institutions.