Whenever you use your car or public transport, one of the first things that people do is to use a map to see where they are going and how to get there.

This New York Times article gives some great insights into the evolution of the NYC subway map and has lovely animations that illustrate the features of this great map.

A lot of attention to detail and thought went into the map and the graphical representation as indicated in one of the quotes and over the years the map provided more and more value for the passengers and users.

When you think about your network and your applications, a map provides similar value. It gives you a route for segmenting your network, it gives you a great overview of what is connected to what and how. In IT security we never thought that a map would be the first step before we implement security policies or create segmentation decisions, but it really should be the first thing to do. We have invested a lot of time, effort and attention to detail into the Illumio Application Dependency map to allow just that, give you a great live map that enables you to start understanding your application and guide you so you can actually do the heavy lifting which is segmenting your network.