Lots of things don't seem like they'd go together well, but then you can't imagine them apart: Sonny and Cher; chicken and waffles, Britain and the EU...  

A great example of that kind of cognitive dissonance in Infosec is a fast, open network coexisting with a secure and segmented application infrastructure. 

Too many people have spent huge amounts of time, money, and effort chasing that dream with little to show but frustration and lost dreams.  

As the Forrester Zero Trust Wave (https://www.illumio.com/resource-center/research-report-the-forrester-wave-zero-trust-extended-ecosystem-providers) and more and more of our customers are finding out, there is a way, and it doesn't include trials and tribulations, recriminations and sadness. 

If you're at #RSAC, come visit us at North hall #5459 and we'll show you how to visualize and segment without disruption to your network.