Being in a "stay at home scenario", we're trying to maintain that all important air gap from others to prevent against virus lateral movement. Unfortunately there are some that will use this opportunity to not only attempt to steal personal information through COVID-19 scams, but target enterprises that are scrambling to just get remote work setup. 

If you're pressed to expand your VPN capacity, investigating VDI through AWS Workspaces or Azure Virtual Desktop Services , or are having to approve exceptions to policy to allow business to continue (as usually as it can under these circumstances); don't overlook that the increased opportunity to gain access to the company's private network through remote employee's personal device, with an ability to freely move laterally, could lead to ransomware or sensitive data ex-filtration at a time when your IT and security teams are also working remotely and focused on BCP.

Extending the 'social distancing' to enterprise Datacentres and public cloud, particularly in this time of increasing risk from the explosion of remote access from the workforce; is a parallel we're discussing with security architects around the country.

Your servers don't need to be social, so you wont offend them if you lock down to minimum approved and only required communications - and the preventative measure of today will reduce the impact of future situations to come.