I was in the midst of catching up on the articles I saw and thought: "I've got to share this!" when my kids asked for help with their schoolwork and a current customer requested dozens to thousands of new servers, all while figuring out what to do with their remote workers...Needless to say, I've been a bit distracted. 

But seriously. If you need help operating during these uncertain times, reach out to a trusted Illumio advisor. It's what we're here for, and what we always wish people would do. Even if your not currently leveraging our solution, it's a small world and we'll help you get where you need to be. 

Remember "Miracle on 34th Street"? We'll send you to Gimbels if it's what needs to happen. We're all in this together. 

Well, most of us anyway...

Can you believe that people are actually attacking an organization critical to stemming the tide of the global pandemic that, literally, threatens us all?

Well, unfortunately, they are. 

I love Reuters. They are a source of unfiltered, unbiased news in a time when that is definitely needed. In this exclusive article, they detail the unrelenting attacks on WHO. 


WHO: The World Health Organization.

DarkHotel (and others), the solid global citizens they are, have been actively working to exploit WHO, but also have Phishing and other campaigns that bring to bear the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) people are feeling right now. 

"Costin Raiu, head of global research and analysis at Kaspersky, could not confirm that DarkHotel was responsible for the WHO attack but said the same malicious web infrastructure had also been used to target other healthcare and humanitarian organizations in recent weeks."

This is especially dangerous right now, when corporations around the world are struggling to scale to meet the remote work demands being placed on them in an extraordinarily short period of time. 

"...hackers of all stripes are seeking to capitalize on international concern over the spread of the coronavirus." 

I'm still not sure how to protect family and friends except to counsel that they only go to sites that are absolutely trustworthy, like the CDC or WHO.

How are you going to protect your organization, though?

Two words: Zero Trust. Know who should be talking to whom. Be able to create policy that blocks anyone who shouldn't be communicating from doing so. Use the other tools at your disposal to analyze and protect yourself, your company, and your customers.  

Reach out to your trusted advisors. We're here to help!

Be safe. Be healthy. Talk to you again soon.